UnderNet IRCU Setup HOWTO

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UnderNet IRCU Setup HOWTO

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Bellow you can find all the steps needed to be done in order to build the UnderNet IRCU using a linux server.
Please keep in mind that the IP Address of the machine used for this HOWTO is and it should be changed with the IP address of the machine where you want to have IRCU installed.
OK, now let`s proceed....

1. We need to make sure that the server is update - to - date:

1.1 If you are running Centos Linux type this commands first:
  • yum update
  • yum install curl git make automake autoconf cpp gcc gcc-c++ bison readline readline-devel flex byacc zlib.x86_64 zlib-devel.x86_64

1.2 If you are running Debian Linux type this commands first:
  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • apt install build-essential
  • apt install wget git libssl libssl-dev openssl bison libreadline-dev zlib1g-dev automake make flex mlocate byacc

2. Now we are ready to get and install ircu.
  • adduser ircd
  • su - ircd
  • cd ircu2/
  • ./configure --prefix=/home/ircd/ircd --with-maxcon=1024
  • make
  • make install
  • cd
  • cd ircd/lib
  • cp example.conf ircd.conf
## edit ircd.conf with your network settings.
## To test ircd.conf file for errors type:
  • /home/ircd/ircd/bin/ircd -k 9
## if message is: "Configuration file ircd.conf checked okay." you can proceed with starting ircd server, using:
  • /home/ircd/ircd/bin/ircd
This is all ! Now you have an IRCU Server Running !

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